Certification and Accreditation Institution


A team of doctors looking at some lab results together on monitors, in an office at the hospital.

JCI accreditation includes a methodology for evaluating health services based on quality standards. Therefore, the aim is to stimulate the demonstration of continuous and long-term improvement of affiliated health care organizations through the application of international standards based on evidence and periodically verified by independent and specially trained assessors. JCI offers 7 accreditation schemes:

  1. Academic hospitals and medical centers
  2. Outpatient clinics
  3. Home care
  4. Analysis laboratories
  5. Long-term care
  6. Medical transport
  7. Basic medicine

Accreditation with JCI is characterized by the following key elements:

  1. The basis of the accreditation program is only the standards resulting from the international consensus, elaborated and updated by an international task force and finally approved by an International Board;
  2. The basic philosophy of the accreditation program is based on the principles of continuous quality improvement, safety and care;
  3. The accreditation process is designed to include and integrate the legal, legal, linguistic, cultural and religious requirements typical of each nation;
  4. The assessment team and the accreditation survey agenda vary according to the organization and the services provided;
  5. JCI accreditation is designed to be valid, reliable and objective. Final accreditation decisions are made by an international accreditation committee.

ICC is the only organization in Albania that offers this accreditation service.