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About Us

About Us

The International Council of Certification is an international institution in the field of quality certification.

With 20 years of experience in some countries around the world, it offers a quality service in the improvement of international standards and norms , thus allowing the removal of obstacles and barriers to international trade.

In countries where the ICC extends its activity, it stipulates cooperation agreements with local and central institutions to improve the legislation in force and to increase norms and quality standards.

Our services are aimed at companies of production, commerce, various sectors, institutions and interest groups.

Our certifications with ICC standards and ISO standards allow us to evaluate companies and prepare them for international markets.

We can mention some ISO - ICC standards :

And many more!
Having strong support from our European and national partners, we offer our services at competitive prices by helping your enterprises. We are available at any time for quotes and identifying the most appropriate ISO-ICC standards for your business.

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Certificated Companies

The ICC has Certified Companies and Manufactures from : ITALY – AUSTRIA – KOSOVA – ALBANIA – N. MACEDONIA – SPAIN – TURKEY and INDIA.